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How to best learn web design?

July 16, 2015


I figure you found this site because you bought the book, or you’re thinking of getting the book. In either case, it’s clear you want to learn how to build websites.

… It kinda makes sense you buy the book! 🙂

So let’s look at learning web design and development in a broader sense, what is the best approach?

In a nutshell:

  1. Do the examples in the book. As you write the code and build web pages, you will develop those ‘nerd’s eyes’ I talk about. In other words, the process of writing code and building websites, will demystify not only the process of web design, but even the concepts will all of a sudden, become much more understandable.
  2. Be patient! As you learn, you will be exposing your brain to all kinds of new ideas … new ways of thinking even. So give your brain a chance to absorb it. Be sure to drink lots of water too.
  3. Once you get something to work, break it! Yes, breaking things and re-fixing what you broke, is a great way to learn. Don’t be afraid to break your code and your websites!

I’ve been training people in web design and development since 2002; these rules have proven themselves over the years.


Stefan Mischook